Our industry is stacked with paperwork and excel sheets to manage transactions, daily operations and other business assets. Breama’s dynamic application, Axle Fleet Management lets you control key components of your business at your fingertips. Not only will this alleviate the paperwork, but also present a measurable overview of your business by each branch level of your organization.

Axle Fleet Management was designed and built on the idea of all in one application, that takes actual live, analytical data and matches it to the captured operational efficiencies to give your company the advantage of accountability and measurement for growth.

Axle Fleet is the tool our industry, your business, needs to find the edge to capture data live to manage your company’s ability to stay safe, provide quality work, while understanding your bottom line with ease of use.

Key Built in Features can be applied and or customized to suit your company's individual needs. All by being backed by in house Sales Force Developers. Scalability is key to allow us to help you grow. No company to big no company to small.

Application Features and High-Level Overview

Our industry is stacked with paperwork and excel sheets to manage transactions, daily operations and other business assets. Breama’s dynamic application, Axle Fleet Management lets you control key components of your business at your fingertips. Not only will this alleviate the paperwork, but also present a measurable overview of your business by each branch level of your organization.

Platform and Mobility Key Features:

  • Web Browser Based
  • Multiplatform IntegrationWith the power of this Web Platform, we are provided the ability integrate into many different business software’s such as Sage, Simply, QuickBooks, ADP, or even SAP!
  • Dynamic Approval ManagementGetting required approvals to the right person can be dragged out longer than attainable. It’s important that we shift outstanding items to the right people in the right sequence to improve overall turnaround from decision makers.
  • Full Mobility OfflineDon’t be fooled when companies tell you that their solution works completely offline. A lot of the time these are hybrid applications that have limitations to the “Offline” component. Leveraging the mobility planform provides you the dynamic ability to scale how in-depth you require offline for your field staff. We can manage up to 90 days of device data while offline.
  • Capture SignaturesWhether you are taking in signatures from the tailgate meeting you just had or getting a consultant to code and sign off at the rig site. 
  • Bar Code ScanningIf you would ease of logging assets via a bar code for specific inspection or even process procedural forms for example, starting up a gas compressor in the field. Users can scan equipment, trucks or anything that managed in your business application.
  • Email/Calendar Integration
  • Compatible with all Smart Devices
  • File Storage Integrations Don’t want to pay extra money for storage on the cloud? We can leverage pretty much whatever file storage software you are using to date. By integrating
  • MobileForm Logical Formatting
  • Realtime Reporting and Dashboards
  • Branch Level Management Having issues measuring Branch over Branch performance? Within Axle, you can easily have a 360-degree view of how each branch is working based off of your key business indicators.

Sales and Pipeline Management

Tired of losing track of open deals, new leads or have no visibility over what your sales team is completing each day? Because this dynamic solution is built on the Salesforce.com Planform you can easily manage current and future business opportunities with associated bid tracking and contracts. Measurement your entire sales team and pipeline from anywhere.

Key Features:

  • Lead/Prospect Management

  • Opportunity and Bid Proposal Management

  • Client Contracts and Customer Price Books

  • Branch Level Organizational Measurement

  • Sales Funnel and Forecasting

  • Sales People Activity Tracking

  • Realtime Reporting and Dashboards

  • Still work effectively from phone/email

Field Operational Management

Field Operational Management included but not limited to, live fleet viewing, logistic dispatch software and live 2-way communication capturing, field ticket management and on-site billing and sign off capabilities. On-offline modes. Putting these together allows for proactive management strategic planning to have exponential cost savings on your non-productive or utilized assets.

Key Features:

  • Dispatch Jobs to Workers, Accept Jobs on the Fly

    • Create, accept, reject, complete, cancel or reassign jobs through the mobile app.
    • Preview and sort jobs through the ‘List’ or ‘Priority’ view options.
    • View dispatched jobs on a map and easily provide driving directions to each location.
  • Field Ticket Management (Paper and Electronic)

    • Manage both e-tickets and paper tickets to ensure every job is recorded and measured the same way. This ensures report consistency.
    • Save time by auto-pricing tickets after they are completed and reviewed.
    • Get a complete breakdown of additional cost tracking for items such as travel, wait times, road bans, chain-up costs and more
    • Manage your business’ KPIs.
    • Self-adjusted mobile forms and validations ensure the right information is always being recorded properly.
    • Design hourly service tickets specifically for the type of service work you provide (e.g. mechanical, electrical, service rigs, etc.)
  • Fleet Management (Integration with Fleet Complete)

    • As all units and equipment are managed within the system, you now have the opportunity to measure back all your unit travel, idle, starts and stops within salesforce
  • Create Maintenance Requests

  • Quickly add and remove drivers from the application with the click of a button

  • Measure Ticket (BOL) to invoice lifecycle management with the click of a button

  • Offline Mobility Ready, Simple and easy to use!

    • Simple and easy to use, our app train each driver in less than 15 minutes!
    • It’s compatible with all recognized smartphones and tablets.
    • Be offline ready at all times.
    • Access wireless printing with thermal printers that don’t require ink—an environmentally-friendly, more cost-effective option.
    • Complete all sorts of information mobile, including:
    • Field ticket services
    • Safety compliance tickets
    • Maintenance requests
    • Work orders
  • Provide location driving and special instructions to drivers

  • Fuel Log Tracking by Vendor, Driver, and Unit

  • Capture Ticket Signoff and Printer Tickets in the Field

Maintenance Department

With every service business, managing your equipment or asset expense is a heavy factor. With Axle, you’ll be able to easily manage new maintenance requests from the field. Maintenance Department Management covers, Equipment Asset and Unit Number Management, racking Maintenance Requests, Work Order Management, Time Management, Inventory Control and Cost Management.

Key Features:

  • Equipment Asset and Unit Number Management

    • Track serialized and other specialized equipment associated to units.
  • Maintenance Requests

    • Manage all incoming field request, then link these requests to new and existing work orders.
    • Manage all automatic work order activities.
    • Track labour, parts and other work order items.
  • Inventory Management (Internal/External)

  • Clock in/out Time Sheet Tracking

  • Work Order Management

  • Cost Tracking and Analytics

Health and Safety Department

As we all know, our industry is only successful implementing proper procedures accompanied by the right skill sets of our workers. Axle delivers complete compliance and awareness of where your business stands at all times. Consolidate your Health and Safety information in one easy to access location. Track and maintain all safety records against workers and company assets (e.g. trucks, trailers, etc.).

Key Features:

  • Hazard Assessments

  • Work Permits

  • Post and Pre-Job Check Lists

  • Tailgate Safety Meeting

  • Near Misses

  • Incident Management

  • Safety Ticket Management

  • Vehicle Inspections Check Lists

HR and Accounting Department

Command the entire workforce from a single application manageable from almost anywhere. From field service ticket to invoice, revenue to employee records, Axle provides a comprehensive view of your entire workforce. 

Key Features:

  • Invoicing and Dynamic Customer Billing

    • Create invoices and allocate tickets to invoices automatically, based on specific customer needs.
    • Provide customized options to incorporate into your backend systems (e.g. FreshBooks, Sage, Simply, QuickBooks On-Premise/Online accounting systems).
  • Backend Accounting Integrations (ADP, Sage, QB, Simply, GP, others)

  • Vacation Requests

  • Worker/ User Management

    • Track revenue in real-time from the entire workforce.
    • Fuel Card Management
    • Monitor all safety tickets, get notified ahead of time of when tickets are coming due for renewal
    • Manage assigned company assets to workers individually (H2S Monitors etc.)
    • Assess employee performance through worker incidents and positive recognitions.
    • Manage all mobile users in real-time. (Activate and deactivate drivers on the fly)
    • Activate new drivers and deactivate former workers with the click of a button or even from the mobile app itself.
    • Vacation Request Approvals and worker management
  • Worker Contract and Agreement Management

  • Timesheet Management

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